Light Panels, Avionics, Radios, Etc.

Bugeye produces a full line of Cockpit Furnishing that range from cockpit displays, custom bezels, light panels, radio control panels and actuating levers. 

Light plates are available with or without switches and your choice of back lighting.

Our bezels include high-quality tactile switches and can be designed to work over existing displays or to incorporate a display. 

Bugeye also manufactures simulated avionics with numerical or graphical displays, bezels, keypads, switches and integrated I/O systems to create fully functional simulated avionics devices. 

Have Quick II    UHF Radio

Simulation Grade Cockpit Furnishings UHF Radio

Simulated Avionics

AV-850 Audio Control Panel Replica
Bezels, Keypads and Light Panels

UH-72 NVIS Fuse Panel

RT2000 Static Radio Panel

T-6 Lighting and Trim Aid Console

Flight Simulation Cockpit Furnishings
Multi-Function Display for flight simulation

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