Simulation Grade Throttle for F-16, F-16 Throttle, F-16 Gated Throttle
COTS control stick and throttle mechanisms with grips are available as desktop or console mounted devices:

Fixed Wing Grips

CH-47 heavy-lift transport Cyclic Grip, CH-47 Cyclic Grip,
COTS collective and cyclic grips for the following rotorcraft:

Rotor Craft

Sikorsky's UH-60 simulation grade grip, UH-60 Grip

Custom Design

Speciality grips including modification to existing flight grip shapes or controls are possible to meet program specific requirements: 

  • Targeting grips
  • Refueling grips
  • UAV grips
  • Custom shapes
  • Mission specific switches


You need to specify the following:

  • Select the aircraft type - Fixed wing, rotorcraft, etc.
  • Determine the level of Fidelity - Series 500 / 1000 / 2000
  • Select type of mounting - Desktop or drop in console mount
  • Select interface - USB/Ethernet or discrete

Then contact Bugeye for price and availability.  Note: we keep limited levels of product in-stock to offer fast shipments to our customers.

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