Bugeye Technologies supplies simulation professionals with the most accurate, realistic, serviceable and affordable products in the industry.  We strive to be the industry’s first choice in best-value simulated hardware.  Bugeye supports many aircraft and vehicle platforms with a variety of existing products including primary flight controls, avionics, displays, panels, etc.  If you don't see the platform or hardware you need here, call us and ask about it.  Often times, we can design and build new product faster and more cost effectively than alternative sources.  


Bugeye designs and manufactures a variety of cockpits, control sticks, throttles, cyclics, collectives, yokes and rudder pedal mechanisms.  Many items are available at multiple levels of fidelity.  We design and build items as small as a switch and as large and complex as fully outfitted and integrated cockpits.

In addition, Bugeye provides a complete complement of engineering, design and support services for the development of any simulation projects including turnkey, build-to-print and rapid prototyping services for the most complex systems.

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Bugeye Technologies has a variety of cockpit designs to meet your training program needs within your fidelity, budgetary and space constraints.  






Apache RVCT Cutout.png
F-35 Slider Closed.png
F-16 Glass Cockpit.png
UH-60 Cockpit Cutout.png

Bugeye Technologies manufactures a complete line of simulated flight grips and controls for fixed wing, rotorcraft and driving simulation.

Many popular control sticks, throttles, cyclics, collectives and rudder pedals in mid and high fidelity configurations are available  off-the shelf or customizable to meet your simulation needs.

Simulation Rudder Pedals, F-35 Flight Sim Rudder Pedals, Rudder Pedals
Flight grip, Simulation Long Throw Stick, LTS for Flight Sim,
HF Throttle.png
FC2035 Throttle.png
FC2000 F-35 Stick.png
F-35 Rudder gallerypic.png
FC2000 F-16 Throttle Cutout.png
F-16 rudder f-22.png
FC2000 F-16 Stick Cutout.png

​Bugeye Technologies Cockpit Furnishings are designed to provide the accurate form, fit and function required in today's simulations.

Bezel push buttons and push toggle switches provide the look and feel of flight switches to enhance the simulation experience and realism. 

NVG compatible backlighting is available in units as required.

SID, SFD, Standby Instrument Display, Standby Flight Display
MFD, Multi Function Display, Simulation MFDs,
UHF Avoinics simulation. Simulation component
Custom Light panels, Simulation Bezels, counter measure devices
MSP Cutout.png
UH 60 FDDCP Cutout.png
ICS Cutout.png
MIP Cutout.png