SES-Simulation Ejection Seat

Adjustable layback Simulated Ejection Seat
Simulated Grade Ejection Seat with Oxygen ring
SES Simulation Grade Ejection Seat in White or Black with the option for full Oxygen Ring Assembly
SES 1013  13 degrees layback (standard)
SES 1017  17 degrees layback (option)
SES 1034  34 degrees layback (F-16 option)
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SES 1035  Medium Fidelity F-35 seat
MHS UH60 Medium Fidelity UH-60 seat

SES - Simulated Ejection Seat

Metal Simulated Ejection Seats from Bugeye

Designed for use in simulation platforms where automotive type seating isn’t the right solution, and the expense of a real or authentic reproduction ejection seat is more than the budget will allow.  For these low-to-medium fidelity applications, the SES provides the right blend of functionality in a cost-effective, durable, simulated ejection seat.  The seat replicates the popular ACES/NACES ergonomics and fits in all Bugeye Technologies cockpits.

All metal construction with a seat adjust toggle switch, 500lbs lift actuator that give reliable operation for +/-3 inches of travel from the neutral position ( 6” total).  The SES comes complete with dual density foam seat pad and pleated back pad with an adjustable lumbar support cushion.


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