Standby Flight Display SFD
Standby Instrument Display SID

Standby Instrument Displays

Bugeye Technologies simulated Standby Instrument Display (SID) or Standby Flight Display (SFD) is designed for use in simulated military and commercial cockpits.  Additional configurations and faceplates are available to meet your requirements.

Bugeye’s modular assembly approach allows for small packaging of simulated controls at an affordable price.  The high resolution of the display creates a realistic simulated environment for each training mission.  High fidelity switches and spin dials allow for the proper tactile feel.   


Bugeye delivers the same high quality device with a variety of faceplates and configurations.  The simulated stand by Instrument display is available for in use commercial and military simulated fixed wing or rotorcraft applications.  Bugeye also makes a variety of cockpit furnishings and avionics. 

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