FC1000 series F-15E Throttle 

F-15 Throttle, F15E Throttle, F-15 throttle Mechanism

Shown above is the F-15E console mount / drop-in throttle mechanism with grips. All controls have a standard USB/Ethernet port or can be ordered with a D-Shell connection and is available in a desktop version.

FC1000 F-15E Stick Grip 

F-15, F15E with integrated paddle switch, F-15 control grip

The F-15E control stick grip for desktop applications with integrated (smaller) paddle switch. The High Fidelity FC2015 is used on a Long Throw Stick with the paddle ergonomically correct. Below is the FC1000 grip installed on a high fidelity Long Throw Stick Mechanism in the Advanced MRC  . The paddle switch is properly placed on the LTS.   

FC2015 High Fidelity F-15E Throttle

High Fidelity F-15 Throttle

The FC2015 F-15 High Fidelity Throttle is designed to replicate the actual F-15 mounting in a double wide Dzus rail utilizing the interior rail in the Advanced MRC design.  The top mounting plate can be changed to fit your design.

FC2015 High Fidelity F-15 WSO Throttle

Weapon System Operation Throttle

The FC2015 WSO Throttle is designed to replicate the F-15 WSO station throttle and fits in the outside Dzus  rail of the Advanced MRC and shown below. The top mounting plate can be changed to fit your design.

FC2015 F-15 WSO Flight Controls

F-15 Control grip, F-15 simulated controls from Bugeye Technologies.

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