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Let Bugeye design and build your specialty components.

Bugeye specializes in the mechanical and electrical design of custom flight simulation controls, cockpit trainers, cable and wire harness assemblies, and specialty components.

Our in-house mechanical engineers and draftsmen can take an existing product and customize it for you, build it to your print, or help you design a new product for an application or program. 

To ensure the highest quality, we have an ICP-certified cable and wire harness trainer on staff. 

Don’t know what you need? Contact us. We can help. 

Our Capabilities

  • Mechanical design

    From complex detailed parts to entire training systems containing tens of thousands of parts.

  • Electrical design

    Detailed schematics to complex electro-mechanical systems, including control-loaded motors and drives.

  • Production

    Once your product is designed, we can manufacture it for you – whether you need one unit or 10,000.

  • Firmware development

    A complement to our design capabilities, we can handle custom I/O requirements and displays as well as provide user-friendly graphical user interfaces.

  • 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

    We can scan full cockpits, aircraft and more to design a custom simulation solution to meet your exact needs.

  • 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

    Bugeye owns and operates multiple 3D printers with advanced capabilities that allow us to demonstrate and test concepts quickly and cost-effectively.