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Our mission is to support and enhance the training and operations of the United States and its allies in the fight to protect freedom worldwide.

We carry out this mission with honesty and integrity at all times. We accomplish the mission by leveraging our experience in flight simulation, design and manufacturing to produce the highest quality, authentic products for you.

Company History

Bugeye Technologies, Inc. was formed in 2003 as part of the “Boeing Chairman’s Innovation Initiative, Project #619”, by Michael E. Stockton (Founder).  The company was spun-off from Boeing based on technology that was developed, proven and patented. This technology went into the product shown at right, known as the Virtual Mosaic Display or VMD.

The VMD is a low-cost, high resolution, collimated visual system with a focal point at infinity. The collimated image creates an immersive experience with 1.3 arc minutes per pixel resolution and a virtual image drawn 27 feet from the design eye point. Multiple visual modules are joined together in a special pattern to create the VMD. In the overlap regions between display segments, the image distances match thereby providing a continuous, high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, virtual image without gaps….And the tessellated pattern of lenses looks a lot like a Bug’s eye. This is the origin story of the Bugeye name and logo to this day!

Bugeye Simulation Grade

To Bugeye, simulation grade means:

  • The correct level of fidelity for our customer’s application
  • Authentic replications
  • Tough Rugged and Serviceable

We know the importance of proper training. Our authentic simulation solutions match the equipment a pilot would find in a specific aircraft right down to component and button placement, color, lighting, and individual screws and bolts. We also have the in-house capability to customize existing components and trainers. 

Tough, Rugged, Serviceable

To extend the life cycle of your product, we have designed flight controls with field maintenance in mind. We understand the important details and cost structure can make in the success of a simulation program. 

Building on this experience, we offer a number of complementary services, including Build-to-Print manufacturing of complex electromechanical assemblies, to companies needing our expertise. 

Quality Policy

The goal of Bugeye Technologies is to:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations for quality, on-time delivery and service conformity.
  • Fully understand and comply with each customer’s requirements.
  • Fully understand and comply with all applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve our performance and processes through:
    • employee development
    • identifying and mitigating risk
    • continuous improvement activities
  • Operate under a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D.