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Bugeye Technologies Flight Simulation Mechanism
Simulation Rudder Pedals for Flight Simulation

Flight Control Product Series

Bugeye manufactures 3-levels of Simulation-Grade flight controls to meet your simulation needs.  All FC Series flight controls use the FC 1000 series flight grips to provide the best and most accurate experience for pilot inputs. Flight grips on the FC 0500 series controls are available with reduced functionality (omitted switches) to meet cost objectives.  FC0500 and FC1000 devices are availble in desktop or drop-in mounting configurations.


FC 0500
Bugeye Technologies Simulation Mechanism FC 0500 Mechanism desktop version is low-fidelity / low-cost desktop devices intended for demonstration and development applications where a high quality replicated flight grip is desired for system control inputs but flight control inputs are not critical and can be more “game-like”.

FC 1000

Mid fidelity devices are designed for

desktop and or “task oriented ” cockpit applications

were quality replicated flight grips are

required with precision (non distracting)

flight control movements.

FC 2000

Mid-high fidelity devices for use in aircraft

specific applications. These devices

accurately replicate the correct ergonomics

and replicated motions of the real aircraft

controls. Attach points that replicate the

actual cockpit are available for most


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