Bugeye Technologies CH-47 Hardware

Bugeye offers CH-47 cockpit solutions that are modular, reconfigurable, interoperable, exportable, affordable and software-agnostic.  When paired with the right simulation software, our reconfigurable trainers allow crews and teams to perform combined aircrew training in a synthetic training environment.

CH-47 RVCT for Website.png

Bugeye's CH-47 hardware can also be purchased as individual items.  These items are available with various mechanical and electrical interface options and we provide custom design services to ensure that our solution fits within the constraints of your overall training system.  All items shown below have active NVG compatible backlighting just as in the aircraft.  

Cyclic Grip with Shaft for Website.png
Thruster Grip with Shaft for Website.png
MFCU for Website.png
CDU Panel for Website.png
Multi-function Display for Website.png

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