Bugeye Technologies Simulated Cockpit Solutions

Bugeye Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer - Version 1 (RVCTv1)


The Bugeye Technologies Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) represents an extremely mobile and reconfigurable training solution.  It can be rolled into a room, set-up and ready for training in five minutes.  It can be configured with a wide variety of high fidelity rotocraft and fixed wing controls.  

Bugeye RVCT Open and Close.gif
F-16 Stick, Throttle, Rudder pedals and medium fidelity cockpit

F-16 Glass Cockpit


Bugeye's F-16 glass cockpit is a perfect example of how Bugeye strives to provide the right level of fidelity for our customers.  This cockpit comes standard with touch screen instrument panel displays both for the main instrument panel as well as the side panels.  Upon request, these touchscreen panels can be outfitted with high fidelity tactile panels as well.  The cockpit is compatible with many Out The Window (OTW) visual display systems. 

F-35 Cockpit


The F-35 cockpit features  a sliding left console and cockpit features that simulate an F-35 cockpit.  The sliding console provides for ease of entry reducing accidental impact to the throttle assembly.  Sliding console can be adapted for the right side for a Long Throw Stick aircraft or as needed.
Pictured here is the F-35 cockpit with an F-35 style simulated ejection seat, high fidelity stick, throttle and rudder pedals and F-35 labels to give an immersive feel.  
UH-60 Cockpit Cutout.png

UH-60 Cockpit


Bugeye Technologies UH-60 reconfigurable design allows for maximum flexibility in a side by side rotorcraft cockpit.  The pilot and copilot controls are mechanically linked and can be driven by spring forces or control loading.  The seats are adjustable up/down and fore/aft and are removable.  The main instrument panel can be configured to any variant of the UH-60 or can be customized for experimentation.  The center console features Dzus rails for inclusion of tactile panels as needed.  

Multi-purpose  Reconfigurable Cockpit (MRC)


Built to order, easily customized and available with short lead times, Bugeye cockpits are an affordable, configurable COTS solution for flight systems training.  Bugeye’s reconfigurable cockpits are built to support "Man In the Loop" simulation.  The MRC flight simulation cockpit allows for fast reconfiguration with Dzuz rails located on each side suited for additional controls, adjustable rudder pedals, adjustable ejection seat and heavy duty casters for portability.  Fixed wing and rotor craft configurations are available upon request.  The MRC cockpit is available with touch screen instrument panel displays and are compatible with many Out The Window (OTW) visual display systems. Bugeye's Out The Window stand is optional and can hold up to 3, 55 inch monitors horizontally or vertically and is adjustable. ​

Roto craft cockpit, Rotor Craft Simulation Cockpit

MRC Rotorcraft Cockpit

The MRC in a rotorcraft configuration allows for several flight simulation cockpit scenarios.  Shown to the left is the MRC cockpit specially configured for use in an environmental chamber to study the effects of extreme temperatures on pilots. This unit contains the UH60 collective and cyclic grips in mid-fidelity, a touch screen display from BARCO designed for use in the extreme environments of off-shore and oil field industry as a main instrument panel and 3 - larger Out The Window displays from Skyline.

MRC Tandem Cockpit 

​shown with OTW display stand

The MRC flight simulation cockpit can be configured for both rotorcraft or fast jet simulation with the proper co-pilot orientation.  The configuration to the left allows the co-pilot seat to be easily removed and utilized at a different station if needed. 

Tandem Simulation Cockpit, Flight Cockpit Fast Jet
Flight Simulation Cockpit, Cockpit shell, Cockpit base

MRC Base Model Simulation Cockpit

​shown with OTW display stand

The MRC Flight simulation cockpit is available populated with Bugeye Technologies' controls or unpopulated allowing for experimental and laboratory settings.  Dzus rails are standard and can be modified as needed or eliminated.



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