Primary Controls Fidelity

Flight Control (FC) Product Series

Bugeye manufactures three levels of simulation grade flight controls to meet your simulation needs.  All FC series grip shapes are accurate replications of the flight grips.  

Bugeye Technologies FC0500 series controls are compact and rugged desktop units.  These controls offer full functionality in a small package at a lower price point.  The throttle mechanism features a smooth 4.5" linear slide and the stick mechanism is factory adjustable to a variety of forces and travels in the pitch and roll axis.      


Mid-fidelity devices are designed for desktop and or “task” cockpit applications where quality replicated flight grips are required with  precision repeatable flight control movements.  Most aircraft platforms are available in desktop and Dzus mounted options in this series.  


Mid-high fidelity devices for use in aircraft specific applications. These devices accurately replicate the ergonomics and motions of the real aircraft controls.  Attach points that replicate the actual cockpit are available for most applications.


The FC3000 series indicates any controls that utilize Bugeye's electronic control loading systems.  

Bugeye Technologies produces the highest quality simulation grade components to make your flight simulation solutions better. 

Bugeye Simulation-Grade means:

- Authentic replications with the proper form, fit and function​ -

- ​Tough, rugged and serviceable products -

- Correct level of fidelity to meet the application requirements ​​-

2012 mashup of products offered by Bugeye Technologies includes Sticks, Grips and Throttles, rudder pedals, cockpits and cockpit furnishings. 


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