Bugeye Technologies Interface Card

Bugeye Technologies' I/O 50 (BTIO50) card is a user-selectable Ethernet / USB interface card.  ​Nearly all of Bugeye's flight control products are available with this interface card.  

Our I/O card is available as a stand-alone interface device for use in fixed wing and rotor craft cockpits (in addition to our flight control products) to pick up auxiliary inputs from discrete and analog devices.  It’s ideal for those extra I/O points and keeps you from purchasing a larger I/O system for smaller projects.


Small foot print - 4.25" x 2.38" x 0.713"​

Utilizes removable I/O screw terminals 




Card Features


1. Eight 12-bit analog inputs, 32 digital inputs

2. USB-B HID game port interface

3. Up to 8 boards on a host- supports 8 PIDs

4. Ethernet 100-BaseT auto-MDIX interface

5. Static IP or DHCP addressing

6. Either USB device or Ethernet UDP host or both operation

7. USB powered

8. Calibration constants stored on board

9. Support for “one-range” and “center-zero” analog slope types with adjustable dead band


Provided Windows Apps

- BTUpdate.exe. Set IP, PID value, update firmware, find cards

- btio50EthCalib.exe to setup digital I/O types, analog ranges and types

- btio50EthClient source code and executable

- btio50USBClient source code and executable

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