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Bugeye’s Force Transducers are robust, high precision devices. Typical applications include military simulation equipment, remotely piloted vehicles, targeting systems, industrial equipment, any system requiring a cursor input device. All of Bugeye’s Force Transducers carry a 5 year warranty.


External case is black anodized aluminum and the shaft is stainless steel. A variety of knobs can be fitted onto the shaft for any application. Our standard force transducer has 2.5lbs of force max and approx. 1 inches of motion. This Force transducer includes 2 axis motion with a push function. Bugeye has several versions of this Force transducer, see data sheet or inquire below to find out more information.


The transducers produce outputs based on the force applied in both the lateral and longitudinal axis and measured by semiconductor strain gauges in a bridge configuration. The centering repeatability error is less than 0.5%.

Part number: 20B120846-1001