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Multipurpose Reconfigurable Cockpit (MRC)

  • Seat has ± 3″ of vertical adjustment.
  • Shown with Bugeye simulated F-18 controls.
  • Controls of any aircraft can be mounted into the right and left consoles via Dzus rails and the center stick grip has a quick disconnect to allow for configuration of multiple aircraft.
  • Left console can be removed to facilitate installation of a rotary-winged collective mechanism and grip.
  • Center stick grip and shaft can be swapped with rotary-winged cyclic grip and shaft.
  • The heads down display can be configured with a monitor or touchscreen per customer requirements.
  • Display stands can be coupled to this cockpit for out the window displays, up to five monitors and – approximately 180° field of view.
  • Fidelity: FC2000
Part number: Inquire about the many different configurations available

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