FC 1000 RDPR Rudder Pedals


Bugeye’s FC 1000 RDP line of rudder pedals are ideal for use in product development, marketing and task training applications where rugged, hi-quality, value priced – replicated flight controls are required.  This virtually indestructible set of linear-travel / rack and pinion rudder pedals or rotating rudder pedals suitable for use in the simulation of fixed wing or rotorcraft controls. 

Available for installation in the MRC 1000 cockpit or for standalone application.  Assembly attaches with 4 bolts, two on each end. Pedal position is adjustable via cable in 1-inch increments plus or minus 5 - inches (10 - inches total) from neutral position.  Pedal motion is rotating action simulating F-16 and F-22 type pedals.


Specific springs and stops are available to simulate actual airforce travel and forces.


The standard finish is a gloss medium gray and custom finishes are available.

F-16 / F-22 type Rudder Pedals


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