T-6 Simulated Hardware

T-6 Reconfigurable Cockpit for Website.p
T-6 Reconfigurable Cockpit for Website_w

Bugeye Technologies offers a wide variety of simulated T-6 hardware.  The T-6 cockpit solutions shown here are modular, scalable,  reconfigurable, interoperable, exportable, affordable and software-agnostic.  

T-6 MIP for Website.png

Bugeye's T-6 Main Instrument Panel (MIP) offers tactile touch and feel for all T-6A MIP instruments while allowing all instrument symbology to be displayed on one LCD mounted behind the panel.  

T-6 Throttle for Website.png
T-6 Stick for Website.png
T6 Stick Grip
T-6 Right Forward Panel for Website.png
T-6 Right Rear Panel for Website.png
T-6 Left Rear Panel for Website.png
T-6 Trim Panel for Website.png

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