Bugeye Technologies Warranty Terms

Bugeye Technologies Inc. (Bugeye) provides a one year warranty on all delivered product with respect to defect in materials, workmanship and operation under normal intended use and service.  Extended warranty periods may be negotiated per contract but terms listed herein still apply. 

Bugeye warranty does not cover damage, defect or failure caused by accident, misuse, modification, faulty installation or other unintended uses. 

If your order was damaged in transit or arrives with an error, please contact us immediately so we may take care of the matter promptly and at no expense to you. This only applies to shipping which was undertaken by Bugeye and does not apply for shipping organized by yourself. Please do not throw out any shipping or packaging materials.

Warranty Claims

If a defect is found that is potentially covered by warranty, customers should:

  • Contact Bugeye technical support to confirm that the defect is covered by warranty.  Be prepared with the following information:

    • Part number

    • Serial number

    • Full details of the alleged defect

  • If the defect is confirmed to be covered under warranty, obtain an RMA number from Bugeye for the item(s) confirmed as a warranty repair.

  • If the defect is NOT covered by the warranty but requires repair by Bugeye, obtain an RMA number and Bugeye will evaluate the defect(s) and provide a quote for repair/replacement. 

Contact Information for Potential Warranty Claims:

John Graham 

Quality Manager


Desk: 636-257-3530 ext 130