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Bugeye Technologies to Pursue AS9100 Certification

Bugeye Technologies, Inc.  (Bugeye) has recently entered into an agreement with Missouri Enterprise for assistance with an upgrade of Bugeye’s Quality Management System (QMS) from ISO9001 to AS9100D.  AS9100 is the International Quality Management System standard specifically for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

The AS9100 quality standard provides suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining a comprehensive quality management system that helps ensure the provision of safe and reliable products to the aerospace and defense industry.

“While we have always been focused on providing our customers with quality products and services via the ISO 9001 standard, the AS9100 certification takes us to another level for quality and allows us to support our customers with a wider array of products, including flight hardware.” said Kyle Zick, Vice President of Business Development Bugeye Technologies.  “We strive to continually improve as a company, and I think this step toward AS9100 is a perfect example of that for both our employees and our customers.”

To achieve AS9100 certification, Bugeye Technologies will be required to participate in a thorough review and audit process, starting with a gap analysis schedule to take place in July.  As an AS9100-certified organization, Bugeye will participate in ongoing audits to ensure compliance and protocols are continually followed and improved.  Bugeye anticipates receiving full AS9100 certification in early 2021. 

About Bugeye Technologies:

Bugeye Technologies is a small business located in Union, Missouri that specializes in design and manufacture of simulated flight hardware, electromechanical assemblies, and cable harnesses for the aerospace and defense markets.  This includes flight controls, avionics, displays, ejection seats, rudder pedals, cockpits and control loading.  Bugeye Technologies’ approach is centered on responding to our customers’ requirements with quality and value-based solutions.  Find out more about Bugeye at and keep up with Bugeye on LinkedIn.

About Missouri Enterprise:

Missouri Enterprise, the Show-Me State’s dedicated manufacturing expert, is strategically aligned with the federal and state government, specifically with NIST MEP and Missouri Technology Corporation. Our team delivers solutions and strategies to advance Missouri manufacturing companies with technology and innovation at the forefront. Through the MEP National Network, we offer professional and affordable consulting services to meet the manufacturing needs of today and tomorrow to sustain one of the state’s most important industries. Learn more at our website, on LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Source: Bugeye Technologies, Inc.