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TADS Electronic Display and Control (TEDAC) simulation unit provides a replicated product for training and simulation programs. Bezel buttons, grip buttons and LCD display are all fully functional. Switch I/O and displayed video images are controlled by the customer’s host computer via USB/Ethernet and DVI/VGA connections.

The video display of the TEDAC is a color LCD with a resolution of 1024 X 768 (can made available in 1280×1280) . DVI and VGA video connections are found on the back of the unit for video inputs. A total of three BTIO50 interface cards are included in the TEDAC, one for each grip and one for the screen bezel buttons/pots. This interface card operates off of USB power. A GUI is provided with the BTIO50 for easy integration. The TEDAC grips have a similar form and function of the actual aircraft grips and can be ordered stationary or with the rotational feature of the actual unit. All switches, knobs, TDCs and pots simulate the actual TEDAC. The mounting of the TEDAC has been simplified for cockpit installation and upon request can be customized to meet your application.

Part number: 18B120021-1001

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