Bugeye Technologies H-60 Hardware

Bugeye offers various H-60 cockpit, control and panel solutions that are modular, reconfigurable, interoperable, exportable, affordable and software-agnostic.  When paired with the right simulation software, our reconfigurable trainers allow crews and teams to perform combined aircrew training in a synthetic training environment.

Our trainers can be customized to target the right level of fidelity for your project. 


The trainer shown below has control loaded primary flight controls that are electronically linked between the pilot and copilot.  


UH-60M Reconfigurable Cockpit for Websit
UH-60 Cockpit for Website_Bugeye Hex Log
UH-60M Cyclic Grip and Shaft for Website
UH-60M Collective Grip for Website.png

UH-60 Yaw Pedals

UH-60 Yaw Pedals (shown below) are available separately or with UH-60 Pedal Adjust assembly.

UH-60M Yaw Pedals for Website.png
UH-60M Pedal Adjust for Website.png
UH-60M MSC for Website.png
UH-60M FDDCP for Website_Bugeye Hex Logo
UH-60M MPD for Website_Bugeye Hex Logo_B
UH-60M FMS for Website_Bugeye Hex Logo_B
UH-60L Pilot Collective Grip
UH-60R Multi-Function Grip
Cyclic Grip for the UH60
Collective grip for UH-60 Pilot only
UH-60 Collective Grip for Co-pilot collaspable

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