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The Bugeye flight stick Force Feedback Mechanism (FFM) is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous performance demands of military and commercial flight simulation, while maintaining a small footprint and unmatched value.

Main Features:

  • Supports stand-alone operation as well as electronic synchronization for pilot/co-pilot situations.
  • Designed to allow for different gear assemblies to be installed into the same mechanism, resulting in higher or lower force outputs at the stick as required.
  • A reconfigurable grip connector to allows all Bugeye grips to be installed.
  • An integrated I/O card that converts grip input signals to USB and Ethernet output for the host simulation.
  • Bugeye FFM Software Included. Software features include:
    1. End users can create customized flight profiles for a wide variety of aircraft with no coding required.
    2. Does not require its’ own computer. It can be loaded directly on the host computer.
    3. Software can be bypassed when the host simulation contains a flight model or force profile within it.
  • Communication via UDP protocol with the host.
  • Forces (2-axis) applied to the grip with a minimum update rate of 60 Hz.
  • Utilizes components that eliminate backlash and mechanical wear resulting in smooth and maintenance free operation.
  • Fidelity: FC3000
Part number: 20B121076-1001

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