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The Bugeye force feedback pedals are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous performance demands of military and commercial flight simulation, while maintaining a small footprint and unmatched value. These pedals are configured to suit a wide variety of fixed wing and rotorcraft applications. The system utilizes a combination of brushless motors, harmonic drives, and high-resolution sensors to deliver high transmission accuracy with zero backlash.

Additional Features of the Bugeye Force feedback pedals:

  • Supports stand-alone operation as well as electronic synchronization for pilot/co-pilot situations.
  • Designed to allow for different gear assemblies to be installed into the same mechanism, resulting in higher or lower force outputs at the stick as required.
  • An integrated I/O card that converts pedal input signals to USB and Ethernet output for the host simulation.
  • Bugeye Software is Included. Software features include:
  • End users can create customized flight profiles for a wide variety of aircraft with no coding required.
  • Does not require its’ own computer. It can be loaded directly on the host computer.
  • Software can be bypassed when the host simulation contains a flight model or force profile within it.
  • Communication via UDP protocol with the host.
  • Forces applied to the pedals with a minimum update rate of 60 Hz.
  • Utilizes components that eliminate backlash and mechanical wear resulting in smooth and maintenance free operation.
  • Fidelity: FC3000
Part number: 24B120098-1001

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