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  • Stick mechanism is a medium fidelity generic aircraft stick.
  • Stick assembly is hard mounted to the floor
  • Pitch movement is 9° fwd and 20° aft. Force to achieve full pitch down is 10 lbs. Force to achieve full pitch up is 13 lbs.
  • Roll movement is 13° right and 13° left. Force to achieve full roll left or right is 10 lbs.
  • Forces on the stick mechanism are created with compression springs
  • Interface via USB/Ethernet through Bugeye BTIO50 Card
  • Dead-band of stick is +/- 3% of overall travel
  • Grip attaches using the standard Bugeye connection for rapid reconfigurability
  • Fidelity: FC1000
Part number: 20B120818-1001

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